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Roles, Conflicts, & Disclosures: a research discussion

3 hours

Roles, Conflicts, & Disclosures: a research discussion

Interpreting in legal settings is a complex task in which multifaceted factors such as the setting, individuals involved, roles of those participating individuals, expanded ethical considerations, and the language of the legal system require specialization from the interpreter practitioner (Berk-Seligson, 2002; Mathers, 2007; Russell, 2000; Simon, 1993). During this workshop, we will discuss the demographics of the practitioners, including education, training, and background, as well explores inconsistencies in the way best practices are applied in daily practice, specifically conflicts and disclosures, interpreter roles, and the definition of legal interpreting. The results of this study provide a glimpse of the legal interpreting specialization as it currently stands and potential implications for future practice and study.

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