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ASL/English Interpreting & Interpreter Education

Mockingbird Interpreting Services LLC is a small woman-owned business based in the Louisville, Kentucky area.  We are committed to providing workshops and professional development opportunities locally and around the country.  We also provide excellent interpreting services to our customers.  Please contact us about your interpreting or training needs.  We look forward to providing you with a solution to all your communication needs.

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Meet Sonja Smith

Certified and Licensed ASL/English Interpreter and Interpreter Educator

Sonja has been interpreting professionally for over 15 years.  Until recently, she lived in Austin, Texas and worked in private practice, specializing in conference interpreting, legal interpreting, and interpreting from ASL to English.  She holds BEI Master, BEI Court, and RID NIC certifications and is licensed as a standard level 3, medical/mental health endorsed, and legal endorsed in the state of Michigan, and licensed as a certified interpreter in Kentucky.

In 2016, Sonja obtained her Master's in Interpreting Studies with an emphasis in interpreter education.  Using best andragogical practices to inform her teaching, she has developed many professional development opportunities.  Her passions are encouraging ethical fitness, empowering interpreters as business owners, and improving ASL to English interpretation skills.  Most importantly, she wants people to enjoy the learning process.


What MIS Specializes In

Legal Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

ASL to English Interpreting

Interpreter Education



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Phone: 517.258.0291

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